Black Rum by Ron Contrabando pays homage to the early adventurers of the Caribbean, who sought new routes, territories, and treasures or simply engaged in piracy, with rum as their faithful companion

The best of both worlds

Luis Caballero combines the delicacy of Dominican rums from Oliver & Oliver with the unique nuances of cask from Lustau, aged in Jerez de la Frontera, thus creating an authentic tribute to the adventurous spirit and the legacy of rum.

Double aging

A Gran Reserva 15 rum, aged through the solera system in American white oak cask with a high degree of toasting, which gives it that characteristic dark color of the early rums that accompanied expeditions across the Caribbean Sea. It finishes its refinement with a double aging process in Lustau cask that previously held Pedro Ximénez, imparting an elegant and rich finish.

Proud of its origins.

Black Rum is a unique and distinguished rum, aimed at those who live the sea and adventure as the essence of their lives, connoisseurs of tradition in the crafting of authentic things and who take pride in their origins.

In acknowledgment of that adventurous spirit, as you enjoy Black Rum, you’ll gradually uncover the navigation chart of the Caribbean Sea on the bottle itself, following the path of the first adventurers who sailed those waters and leading us to their origins, the Dominican Republic.

Smooth, sweet, complex, and full-bodied. The high toasting of American white oak cask gives it its characteristic dark color and notes of vanilla, French crème brûlée, and chocolate. Its refinement in Lustau cask previously holding Pedro Ximénez provides a lush finish with sweet notes and ripe fruit. It boasts a long, distinguished, and harmonious finish.

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