Botella De Licor de Guindas Miura

The Cazalla Distilleries are part of the historic Los Diezmos Franciscan Monastery in Cazalla de la Sierra, in Seville’s Sierra Norte mountains, which is now home to the Miura distillery.

These distilleries have a long tradition, with production dating back to the 15th Century. We continue the tradition of producing anisette and other liqueurs inherited from the Franciscan monks who used to inhabit these walls.



This 100% natural sour cherry liqueur is made according to the centuries-old recipe of the Franciscan monks who used to live here.A fine and delicate aniseed spirit is distilled in the monastery’s old alembics.  Carefully selected sour cherries, all harvested at peak ripeness, are macerated in the anisette.

Mural de Licor Miura
Varios alambiques de las Destilerías Miura
Evolución de la botella del Licor de Guindas Miura

This process is followed by a gentle and delicate pressing, that extracts all the sour cherries’ flavour potential and retains the intense red colour of the fruit, which is so characteristic of Miura.

Clean and bright, it stands out for its ruby red colour, and its aromas of red fruit and aniseed.  On the palate it tastes creamy and sweet with notes of aniseed.

Edificio de Destilerías Miura


Licor de anís Crema de Cazalla

Cazalla cream is an anisette cream liqueur produced in the Cazalla Distilleries.

A recipe that entrances, bringing together a dairy-based mixture, cinnamon and citrus peel, including orange and lemon, with our traditional anisette, which was produced in the Cazalla Distilleries’ ancient alambic stills.

Delicious anisette cream liqueur with notes of cinnamon, it is smooth and silky on the palate, with a rice pudding like flavour and a touch of citrus.


In the Cazalla Distilleries, part of an ancient Franciscan Monastery, we continue the tradition of producing anisette inherited from the Franciscan monks who used to inhabit these walls.

Carefully selected seeds of the anise plant are distilled in centuries-old alambic stills following to the monks’ original recipe.

The result is a fine and delicate anisette with bright highlights, aromas of aniseed and a smooth mouthfeel.  A fine and delicate anis spirit distilled in the monastry’s centuries-old alembic stills.


Enjoy this unique distillery and learn about the process of making Miura Anisette.A place to visit or celebrate an important event.Contact us!

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