Historia de Burdon

BURDON (or Burdon’s) is a brand that was created in 1821. It was named after its founder, John William Burdon, an English gentleman who established a business in El Puerto de Santa María as a sherry and brandy merchant.

Botella antigua de Burdon

Of all the BURDON spirits that Caballero launched, the gin was the most successful, becoming an iconic brand in the 1960s and 1970s.

Today, Burdon Gin has been re-launched, returning to the market with new packaging.  A 100% Spanish gin, as great gins are also made in Spain.

Carteles antiguos de Burdon
Burdon Original Dry Gin

A relaunch of the iconic brand with a selection of the best traditionally distilled spirits with juniper, coriander and angelica root, alongside other botanicals, its dry flavour and citrus notes make it ideal for enjoying in a classic G&T, served with lots of ice and a slice of lemon

Firma de John Burdon
De fiesta con Burdon
Brindos de Burdon Gin Dry
Gente en terraza
Brinda con Burdon
Burdon Gin Cerezas

Made with the finest distilled spirits, a careful selection of botanicals and cherries for a sweet, fruity flavour. It will make the most sweet-toothed of gin lovers happy, served as a Gin & Tonic with lots of ice and a slice of orange.

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Crafted from the finest distilled spirits, which are then blended with spearmint and other botanicals for a marvellously refreshing taste.Perfect for a Gin & Tonic that will really make an impact with its surprisingly innovative taste, served with lots of ice and a sprig of fresh mint.

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Burdon Gin Hierbabuena
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