Rum created by the famed Oliver&Oliver distillery.  Founded in the middle of the 19th Century by a Mallorcan of Spanish descent, Juanillo Oliver,

Juanillo Oliver
Juanillo Oliver

It has a long history and has achievedinternational prestigein the production of high quality rums,thanks to its “mother rums” and long ageing.

Log de Ron Contrabando

The first bottles reached Spain in 1998 in the suitcase of the notary Fernando de Mora,
without going through customs control, hence its name.

Notario conjunto
Barricas de Ron Contrabando

Contrabando is an añejo rum within the standard rum segments,of superior quality to competitors in its category,due to its five years’ ageing in French and American oak barrels.

Awarded the highest accolade – a double gold medal – in the II International Rum Congress in Madrid 2013, in the five year-old rums category.

Cóctel con Ron Contrabando

It stands out for its gentle aromas of vanilla,
fresh coconut and tropical fruit,
blended perfectly with toasted and resinous notes added by
its long ageing in French and American oak barrels in the solera system.

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