The Corporate Social Responsibility of our group is based on 3 pillars:


We acquire a real commitment to the development of environment friendly policies and business models.


We develop high quality and safe products and promote a responsible use of them.


We identify and put at the center of our activity the people who make our business possible.

Caballero RSC Medio Ambiente Sol


Environmental commitment is a fundamental axis on which we build the future of Luis Caballero Group. We periodically undergo external audits to improve and certify good practices in this area. Among others, we hold the ISO 14001 certification, one of the most demanding in the world and which guarantees efficient management of resources and recycling practices.

Energy efficiency

An essential part of our environmental efforts is based on energy saving and the use of renewable energy. Since 2018, different measures have been implemented to reduce energy consumption, achieving a reduction of over 20%. And currently all the energy consumed comes from renewable energy sources. The next milestone, set for 2025, is the production of our own energy through photovoltaic installations on the roofs of our wineries in Jerez and El Puerto de Santa María, covering all the energy needs of the group. Electric vehicle charging points will also be installed at these facilities, both for visits and own use.


Along with our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint by optimizing our products, we actively participate in the project Life CO2RK, backed by the Andalusian Government. Its objective is to compensate for CO2 emissions with the conservation and care of the cork oak forest, origin of the cork that we later find on the bottles of many of our wines.



Food safety

Aware of our social responsibility and because of our effort to offer high quality products, we apply only the highest standards in quality and food safety. We work with rigorous processes certified by ISO, counting among others with the BRC (Global Food Safety Certification) and the IFS (International Food Safety) standards.

Responsible consumption

On the other hand, we encourage responsible consumption to enjoy our products in a healthy way. A moderate consumption is key for us to transmit the passion that we put in all our products. We ask for responsible consumption in all our communications and promotions, and we promote the total exclusion of minors from alcohol consumption, joining the campaigns carried out for this purpose by sectorial organizations. In this sense, for example, we get involved in programs with a high social impact such as “Menores Ni Una Gota” from Fundación Alcohol y Sociedad.

Menores ni una gota
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Our group, made up of more than 100 employees, is committed to promoting equal opportunities and professional development in a safe work environment, offering life-work balanced policies, continuing training and other initiatives focused on creating the optimal conditions for the development of our business.