Miura Licor de Guindas


This liqueur is made from sour cherries exist in the former convent of the Tithes Cazalla de la Sierra, Constantina current distilleries located in the mountains north of Seville since 1869. This cherry liqueur 100% natural is made following the traditional centuries-old recipe of Franciscan monks who lived there.

Centenarians in the convent stills proceeds to the distillation of a fine and delicate anise brandy. After a selection of care cherries it collected at their optimum ripening proceeds to macerating the fruit with aniseed.

To finish with a delicate and soft pressing, which draws all the power of the taste of the icing and maintains the intensity of the red color of the fruit, so characteristic of Miura.

  • Cazalla de la Sierra
  • Sweet
  • 20 % Alcohol
  • Botella70 cl.
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