This exquisite liqueur is the result of a careful selection of natural herbs macerated in a fine and delicate Galician grape marc spirit.

Its elegant aromas of herbs, including camomile and lemon verbena, give it an air of mystery and magic. It is enjoyable to drink, with an intense, harmonious and persistent taste.


A recipe that you’ll fall in love with, the perfect union between a blend of dairy, coffee and cocoa and our fine and delicate grape marc spirit.

Its great aromatic intensity with notes of coffee, cocoa and caramel, bewitches the senses of anyone that drinks it.  On the palate it is creamy, enjoyable and long lasting.


This white marc spirit of Galician origin was made from grape skins that were used previously to make wine.

Distilled using the traditional method of alquitar pot stills to extract all the aromas from the skins as tradition dictates.

Clean and bright, with herbaceous aromas of sugar cane pulp. It is smooth, rounded and dry on the palate. Characteristics that come from its slow distillation in alquitar stills.