Luis Caballero González-Gordon, new president of Caballero

Caballero has announced the replacement of the group’s president, which was agreed upon by the Board of Directors at a meeting held last Wednesday, 10 February. The agreement was made in accordance with the personal wishes of Luis Enrique Caballero Domínguez, who for more than 50 years has carried out different roles in Caballero’s governing bodies and been its president for the last five years, to give way to the next generation of this centennial family business.

Luis Caballero González-Gordon, 48 years old and from Jerez, is the son of the emblematic Luis Caballero Florido, a key figure in Caballero’s history, and a member of the family’s sixth generation. Holding a bachelor’s degree in economic science from the University of Alcalá (CEU San Pablo), he has been an advisor to Caballero since 2004, and has extensive professional experience, having held positions of responsibility in companies including Pronasa, Santa Victoria and Tajorromero, as well as Metalcover, S.A., where he was managing director for more than 10 years. He is a passionate lover of nature and sport, especially motorsport and adventure sports.

With this appointment, the board of directors is addressing generational takeover, aiming to give new momentum to the growth strategy set out in the company’s strategic plan.

In the centre of the image, Luis Enrique Caballero Domínguez and Luis Caballero González-Gordon, accompanied by advisors and members of the management team.

Luis Caballero, S.A. is a family company founded in 1830, located in Spain and with a large presence in international markets. It is dedicated to the production and marketing of spirits and wines of the highest quality, with a strong link to Sherry wines Currently, Luis Caballero, S.A. is present in over 50 countries and employs more than 125 people. The company seeks to grow through innovation, strategic partnerships and new acquisitions.

Luis Caballero, S.A.’s portfolio includes such prestigious and historic brands as Ponche Caballero, Lustau, La Ina and Río Viejo, Miura, Contrabando rum, Greenall’s and Opihr gin and Viña Herminia, among others.