Yodo Lustau

Bodegas Lustau and the Aponiente restaurant have joined forces for the first time to produce a unique, exclusive wine, Yodo, a “Fino” wine conceived as the perfect complement to the dishes of its prestigious chef, Angel León.

This morning the Aponiente took pride in the launch of Yodo, a new Sherry wine conceived by the knowledge, experience and passion for fine wines shared by Juan Ruiz, sommelier at the Aponiente and Manuel Lozano, Lustau’s winemaker. Side by side with glass and venencia in hand they walked the aisles nearest to the sea at Bodegas Lustau in search of Yodo. A wine with supreme marine notes, the perfect match for the cuisine of the prestigious chef, Ángel León, at his restaurant in El Puerto de Santa María.

During the presentation chef Ángel León emphasized that Yodo is more than just a wine, “it is the fruit of a relationship between friends and the desire to create something new and genuine. It has been made with my cuisine in mind, and from today on it will have an exclusive place in Aponiente”. In turn, Juan Ruiz, sommelier at the restaurant, pointed out that in creating this new wine, “we were looking for the essence of the wines of El Puerto, unfiltered and with some oxidation. We tried various butts that afternoon and when revisiting the one we liked the most, the second one, the bells of the church of San Francisco started ringing. That was the one”. For Luis Caballero, chairman of Grupo Caballero-Bodegas Lustau, this partnership was a perfect match “behind Yodo there is a longstanding relationship which has helped things come together in a wine that preaches Angel’s philosophy: a very natural product, unfiltered, from cask to the bottle”.

Yodo is a clear, bright fino en rama, with a deep yellow colour and golden glints, sharp on the nose with aromas of salt, ozone and the shoreline at low tide. On the palate it is smooth, delicate and extremely dry. A wine produced as a limited edition of just  1,000 bottles which can only be enjoyed in the Aponiente restaurant.

Aponiente currently holds two Michelin stars, accolades that recognise the magnificent work of chef Ángel León and his team among who you will find sommelier Juan Ruiz, recent winner of the Premio Nacional de Gastronomía.

Bodegas Lustau for its part was the Spanish bodega which won the most awards in 2015, and is currently ranked as the 8th best winery in the world.

Yodo is one of the last gems made by Manuel Lozano before his death last April. The head of Lustau’s wine cellars who was recognised as the Best Winemaker of Fortified Wines in the world for seven consecutive years.

Manuel Lozano, Ángel León and Juan Ruiz selected this unique and exclusive fino from among the best Lustau  soleras in El Puerto de Santa María. A fino en rama which will delight lovers of the cuisine of Aponiente. The smell of the sea in your glass.