Gastronomic Evening Charitable Event

Luis Caballero supports the most charitable of gastronomic evenings, for the third consecutive year. The “Acción Contra el Hambre” initiative brought 13 renowned chefs together to serve their menus in boutiques across the Spanish capital.

Madrid, 17th March, 2015. –

The Luis Caballero Group renewed its partnership with the NGO “Acción Contra el Hambre.” Food, fashion and charity came together in the third edition of Soul Food Nights, in which a selection of Michelin stars and the greatest names in Madrid cuisine combined their menus with a wide variety of wines from the renowned Spanish family drinks company.

184 guests enjoyed proposals served in 13 prestigious boutiques by chefs Byron Hogan, Diego Guerrero, Stanis Carenzo, Iván Muñoz, Javier Aranda, Juan Pozuelo, Luis Arévalo, Mario Sandoval, Óscar Velasco, Paco Roncero, Pepa Muñoz, Ricardo Sanz and Pedro Larumbe.

Along their proposals, chefs also chose Sherry wines from Bodegas Lustau ( and Riojas from Bodegas Viña Herminia (www.viñ to achieve surprising combinations.

The “Acción Contra el Hambre” initiative (, which in the previous edition grossed €45,000, aims to raise funds to help refugee families in Lebanon; more than one million people who have fled the war in Syria.

After dinner, a party was held to raise charitable funds at the NH COLLECTION EUROBUILDING hotel, where the Luis Caballero Group offered different specialties prepared by true cocktail masters. Gin&Tonics were mixed by Ramon Parra (Head Bartender at Innside Madrid Melia Hotels) with floral BLOOM gin and Adrian Sehob (Manager and bartender at The Punk Bach) with spicy Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin. The Ponche Caballero bar was led by cocktail star Carlos Moreno (StreetXo) who served the “Raquelita Due” cocktail; the CONTRABANDO rum bar had a great success thanks to its “Clandestina Colada” cocktail.

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Several chefs wanted to show their complicity to Luis Caballero and prepared some dishes with Lustau and Viña Herminia products as the main ingredient: Diego Guerrero welcomed their guests with a cocktail based on RON CONTRABANDO and another mix with OLOROSO EMPERATRIZ EUGENIA. Pepa Muñoz presented cockle hors d’oeuvres with MANZANILLA PAPIRUSA and finished with caffè latte ice cream topped with PEDRO XIMÉNEZ SAN EMILIO. Juan Pozuelo offered sardine tartare cooked with MANZANILLA PAPIRUSA and Iván Muñoz devised a bull’s tail reduced in PALO CORTADO sherry.