TXODO: Symbiosis Aponiente – Mugaritz


MUGARITZ hosted the launch of TXODO, a limited-edition sherry from Bodegas LUSTAU that brings together two iconic restaurants, Aponiente and Mugaritz. Born of the friendship and passion for quality wines of the respected Spanish chefs, Ángel León and Andoni Luis Aduriz.

TXODO is an Oloroso “en rama” – meaning that it is direct from the cask, unfiltered and unfined – that joins the YODO collection of sherries that Bodegas Lustau and Restaurante Aponiente have selected over the past four years to serve alongside the cuisine of the renowned Andalusian chef. This edition was also created in association with the prestigious Basque chef, Andoni Luis Aduriz. A fortified wine that is also imbued with a sense of union between these masters of the north and south of Spain.

Andoni Luis Aduriz commented during the launch that, “This is a twinning, a courageous project that is the only one of its kind in the world. Many allusions are made, to the north, to the south, to the sea, to green landscapes. TXODO is a wine to learn from, not just a drink, it is an experience. Its beauty is a reflection of our fortune in sharing this project, this space and time. For me, it is an honour to share it with Angel, and in doing so we bring together the north and the south. It’s one of the nicest things that we’ve done in the last twenty years.”

As for Ángel León, he stated that, “Sometime life blesses you with the opportunity to carry out projects with people that you admire, and makes you feel so at ease sharing something that is as beautiful as a wine and part of my culture. The passion that I so admire in wine is there too, in my collaboration with Lustau over the past four years carrying out the project entitled YODO. This season’s wine is TXODO, in homage to the north. Here we tell the story the way it is seen from outside, giving it greater power and making us realise the strength of what we have.”

The two chefs were joined at the launch by Juan Ruiz, Maître D’ and Head Sommelier of Aponiente, and the team of sommeliers from Mugaritz. Sergio Martinez, winemaker and “capataz” – or cellar master – at Bodegas Lustau, also attended, saying of TXODO that, “it is the continuation of YODO. We started out with a Fino, we moved onto an Amontillado and we had already started planning the Oloroso with Mugaritz. We selected some butts from the winery and when we tasted them, this one was chosen. Releasing a butt is like saying goodbye to a child and this one in particular has been cared for with a great deal of affection, a lot of care, but entrusting it to Angel and Andoni makes it a little less painful…”

They all selected, glass in hand, this butt of glorious Oloroso from among the finest soleras that Lustau guards in the city of Jerez de la Frontera.


TXODO is an Oloroso “en rama” with more than 20 years of oxidative ageing, during 18 of which the cask was stationary, meaning that no “sacas” or extractions were made.   It stands out due to its aromatic intensity and expressivity on the palate. It has a bright and clean mahogany colour. On the nose, aromas of cigar box, antique furniture, tobacco, dried apricots and candied orange appear. It is dry on the plate, powerful, very expressive yet surprisingly approachable. It has a very long, complex finish, where the notes that we found on the nose return again.


Aponiente currently has three Michelin Stars, in recognition of the extraordinary work of the chef Ángel León in his reworking of 21st century “sea cuisine” and his untiring work in R&D to discover new ingredients for human consumption in the oceans. His crew, which includes the sommelier Juan Ruiz Henestrosa, named “best sommelier” at the Spanish National Gastronomy Awards and winner of an Andalusian Academy of Gastronomy prize, is always by his side.

Mugaritz is the creative project that Andoni Luis Aduriz has led for the past 21 years in the heart of the Basque Country, a place for constantly seeking answers and asking new questions through gastronomy.  With two Michelin Stars, Mugaritz is the only restaurant to feature in the Top Ten of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants for 13 consecutive years.  In February, it was awarded the Forward Drinking prize by The World Restaurant Awards for bringing together the worlds of food and drink through storytelling.

Bodegas Lustau is considered to be one’s of the world’s flagship wineries in terms of top quality sherry wines, and is among the world’s top ten wineries. Its winemaker and “capataz“, Sergio Martínez, was named the world’s Best Fortified Winemaker in the last two editions of the prestigious International Wine Challenge in London.

TXODO is a limited edition wine, with only 1,000 50cl bottles produced. It is only available to taste in Aponiente and Mugaritz, where it is paired with some of the standout dishes of Ángel León and Andoni Luis Aduriz’s unique styles of cooking.